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Looking to purchase your website in one payment?

Our website plans are designed to keep the upfront cost as low as possible. Much like a new car lease, these plans include a bumper to bumper warranty and full support throughout your lease term. Other companies call these “Maintenance Plans”, or some other term regarding to monthly on-going support. We are the only company that does not charge a large upfront cost to build and design the website, instead you pay annually or monthly to lease the site. If you’re interested in purchasing the site and maintaining it yourself we can create a quote for you. Most sites cost on average $1000 per page.  This will include all of the content including any software licensing to help keep the site’s software up to date. Websites using “Same-Page Navigation” are still considered one page per menu link. Ex. Home, About, Services, Contact is four pages even when they all reside on one url.

Pricing starts at $2999 on all website designs